Stieper & Brust Orthodontics Review

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Jan 27, 2019 | Posted by E.K.

I just started Invisalign treatment as a 30+ year old adult. I consulted with 3 orthodontists and went with S&B due to their specific treatment plan and confidence and experience with Invisalign. They also have early morning appointments, which is great for my schedule. So far everyone in the office has been lovely. Leah (treatment coordinator) patiently took multiple phone calls and fielded tons of questions from me while I was deciding on treatment. Since I just started under their care so I can't comment yet on results, but I'm pretty excited about where I'll be after my first set of trays based on my scans. It's actually pretty awesome that they can show you a simulation of how your teeth will move - very motivating when things are sore at first. Word to the wise for any adults considering Invisalign - make sure to do your homework! Do lots of googling and understand what you're getting into before you take the plunge.